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STOP International Summer Project 2004
The STOP International project for 2004 had two goals:
  • Build living accommodation for the children of the Anbu Ilam Children’s Home in Madhakondipalli, Tamil Nadu, India, and
  • To build a kitchen and dining hall for the Captain Azariah Children’s Home
The Anbu Illam Children’s Home is run by the ESWAD Society which is a registered charity in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The Director of the orphanage is Mr Paul supported by his wife Shiny.

When Paul approached STOP International, he and the five orphans in his care were living in a one room rented building. His request was for STOP International to relocate his orphanage to a safe and spacious facility that would not only support his plans to increase the number of children over time but to provide a garden and play area.

STOP International purchased a plot of land 4/10ths of an acre. The local contractor, Solomon was hired to  work on constructing the building of four rooms – a kitchen, bathroom and two other rooms for eating, sleeping and studying.

On July 25 2004, 26 volunteers flew to Banglaore and transferred to the village putting up swings and a slide, painting the tables and benches, planting coconut palms, mango, guava, pomegranate, sapota, jackfruit and custard apple saplings that were bought not only to provide nourishment from their fruits for the children but also to raise income for them in the future, and setting up a vegetable garden. 

The ten children were also given blankets, buckets, mugs, stainless steel plates (thalli), glasses and towels that were a gift from the Sleaford Lionesses.

Following a dedication and opening ceremony, Paul, Shiny and the 10 children moved into their new accommodation.

Captain Azariah Children’s Home had survived for 15 years cooking all its food in a mud brick kitchen that was a magent for rats and snakes.  The food was then carried the original orphanage building to eat, a building that has lasted more than twice the time expected and in a state of collapse.  The 26 volunteers moved on from Anbu Ilam to complete the building and to open a new kitchen and dining room facility for the 17 children living there.  The two rooms needed painting inside and out with two coats of paint, then inside a putty-like mixture spread on the walls, sanded and a further two coats of paint applied.  All the woodwork and metal work required two coats of enamel gloss.  In addition a garden was dug and planted to help supply a fresh and nutritious diet for the children.

After four days, the work was complete and following a dedication and opening ceremony a party was held to celebrate this new facility.

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