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Regular Giving
give a child a long-term future
For as little as 60 pence per day, you can help us help the world’s most vulnerable people – orphaned and abandoned children.
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As a supporter of STOP International you will be joining many others fighting for a better life for these children across the globe. Find out what you will receive.
Your 60 pence per day will change their lives by giving them a future. Click to find out how your donations will help turn people's lives around.
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Regular Giving – what your donations will provide
Your donations will be used to directly benefit vulnerable children, for example:
  • in four weeks you could contribute enough to buy 25 fruit trees that will be a valuable source of food and provide extra income for many years to come
  • in 3 months you could contribute enough to send a child to an English speaking school for a year
  • in 6 months, you could provide a playground for 70 children
  • after one year provide a dairy herd for a family to start a business
That's why we're asking you to give 60 pence a day - or more, starting today.  
Regular Giving – what you will receive
By giving 60 pence per day you will be you will be joining many others fighting for a better life for these children across the globe.  We'll send you reports about the orphanages you are helping and the progress we are making together.
You will also receive satisfaction in knowing you are making a difference for someone who cannot do it for themselves.
Regular Giving – case study
giving a child a future
Before STOP International started working in the Indian village of Athilvadi with Captain Azariah’s Children’s Home, accommodation was a major problem. The children and their carers were forced to live, cook, eat, study, sleep, play, keep animals in the same two room shed.
The children were also suffering from a disease, which meant they could not attend school regularly. Thanks to the support of people like you the Children’s Home now has a boys dormitory, girls dormitory, kitchen, dining room, library, office, carers accommodation and chicken house and STOP International is continuing to help provide some of life's other essentials for these children.
Things in Athilvadi and Captain Azariah’s Children’s Home are changing for the better - for just 60 pence a day you can be a part of that change.
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“Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.” -- Albert Camus (1913-60)
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