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Sponsor a Child

Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring a child.

Today, in the developing world, orphaned and abandoned children are the most vulnerable members of society lacking a home and family, any status in their community, protection from exploitation as well as food, clothes, clean water – all things we can take for granted.

With your help, we can stop this. Please act now sponsor a child.

What is Child Sponsorship

making the difference between living and surviving

We have many children waiting for a sponsor. Child Sponsorship is the difference between living a life with a future filled with potential and surviving to the next day knowing each new day is the same as the last and could be the last.

But your generosity will impact more than one life. Because the £18 a month you give will also help STOP International help the community to which your sponsored child belongs – in the provision of the essentials like safe water, food, basic healthcare and education.

Our aim is to give a future to orphaned and abandoned children living in the poorest communities. By sponsoring a child, you'll be helping us do just that.

How Child Sponsorship works
your generosity will last for a lifetime

Supporters of STOP International aren't just providing a future for their sponsored children. They're giving the orphanage family community a chance to become self-sufficient. Child Sponsorship, really does turn suffering and despair into real hope and opportunity.

The donations we receive allow us to work alongside the local people to find practical, effective and lasting solutions to these problems – for instance:
  • Drill boreholes that provide safe drinking water all year round
  • Plant gardens and orchards that produce nutritious food and an income
  • Meet the cost of basic healthcare
  • Educate each child
  • Animal husbandry, floriculture, metalwork, woodwork, IT, English language training

your biggest gift is the gift of a future

Can you imagine any gift more important to a child without hope? It is without measure and one they will remember for a lifetime.

For just £18 a month - that's 60 pence per day, the price of a chocolate bar – you can ensure another vulnerable child will have access to essentials like:

  • safe drinking water – instead of dirty water that could kill them
  • enough food to eat – instead of daily hunger
  • the chance to go to school
  • basic medical care
  • a safe place to live
  • loving carers

If you wish, you can keep in touch with your sponsored child by sending letters, birthday cards, Christmas cards and photographs – getting to know their sponsor always means so much for a sponsored child.

What you receive

see progress as it happens

As a Child Sponsor for STOP International, you'll receive confirmation and a description of the child you're sponsoring. You will receive periodic updates – from STOP International or from the child. As a result, you'll see how your child is progressing with your help – how he or she is doing at school, for instance.

If your child is able to read and write, you will receive written replies to the letters or cards you send them.


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“Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.” -- Albert Camus (1913-60)
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