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Where the money goes

We make the most of the money we raise to help orphaned and abandoned children. We spend 100 per cent of our income on direct work with children to give them a future. All the Trustees are upaid volunteers, all the administration costs are funded by the trustees individually and all the costs associated with visiting the projects are borne by the volunteers. Donations to STOP International are put to the best use – helping the vulnerable children.

Where the money comes from

We receive all our income that improves children's lives around the world thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses as a result of many different fundraising events, individual donations and sponsorships.

How it changes children's lives

Since 2001 we have:

  • established two new orphanages
    The BESSO Children’s Home and Anbu Ilam Children’s Home in Tamil Nadu, India, with a total of 90 orphans and abandoned children, lived in cramped rented accomodation that served as bedroom, dining room, study room and play room, with no secure outside play area and one toilet. We bought two pieces of land and built a home on each with separate bedrooms, kitchen and dining rooms, adequte toilet and wash facilities, a play area, clean deep-water well and planted a garden with fruit trees and vegetables.
  • built classrooms
    In the small village of Kurgi, Jharkhand, NE India, the Prabudhas Charitable Trust wanted to provide a school on the orphanage site to cater not only for the 45 children in the home but also for the children in the local village. We built, furnished and equipped three classrooms and before we left installed a playground with slide, see-saw and swings.
  • built a kitchen and dining room
    The Captain Azariah’s Children’s Home in the village of Athilvadi, Tamil Nadu, India is home to 17 children. Since opening in 1981 they have cooked their food in a kitchen built from mud brick and thatch, and served the food to the children in a temporary dining room that doubled as a study room. The kitchen was frequently visited by rats attracted by the food stored there and snakes interested in the rats. The dining room had survived more than twice its expected life and was on the brink of collapse. We built a seperate kitchen with a secure food store/pantry and an adjoing dining room.
  • built new dormitories
    BESSO and Anbu Ilam Children's Homes needed additional dormitory space to cater for changes to Tamil Nadu law, requiring boys over the age of 10 to sleep in a different and seperate dormitory from the girls.  In building these dormitories we have not only met the requirement of law but also increased the capacity of the Children's Homes to change the lives of additional orphaned and abandoned children.
  • distributed toys, towels, sleeping mats, clothes
    We have provided many basic necessities all of the children cared for in the orphanages we’ve helped, like clothes, sleeping mat, towel, toothbrush, as well as giving these vulnerable chilldren items we take for granted – toys, dolls, bicycles.
  • provided emergency medical assistance
    In India medical care costs. When an orphan requires emergency care whether medicines or surgery they usually don’t get it. We have helped many of the children receive the care they need including eye surgery for cataracts and other surgery, medicines for TB and other common but serious diseases and physiotherapy.
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“Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.” -- Albert Camus (1913-60)
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